Sana Fatima

Sana Fatima is the founder of an online nutrition and fitness care NUTRIONICS. Sana Fatima, Who did her Masters in Nutrition and dietetics and also a Certified Fitness Instructor provides medical based diet chart for all the people across the world. In Nutrionics our team of nutritionist and fitness expert from D-Pro Fitness solutions where we believe in treating people medically. All the diets and fitness regimens are based on your blood parameters & health condition and clinical issues. There is no crash diets/fad diets, making sure your creatinine levels, lipid profile, vitamins levels, eating pattern, likes, dislikes, any food allergies and also their medical condition. Nutrionics is not just about weight gain or weight loss. It’s about your health, your medical condition, your blood para maters ,your cultural values. Taking all these into consideration the diets are made. But Nutrionics is a joint venture A venture with you ! Owner – You –Where you have to provide your time, love and care Owner- Nutrionics- Who will take care of health and fitness of your loved ones. Nutritionist will keep track of your diet health and our fitness instructors will do home visits and train you according to your clinical condition.