Dealing with annoying people

Who screws up your beautiful plans?

Life is beautiful. Everything is happening at the perfect pace. But hopefully, there is one person who tries to screw up all your plans, someone who irritates the sanity out of you.

We all have to deal with people who annoy us. Many of us may have to deal with more than one irritating person at a time. People who don’t understand our views, who question our every action, who put hurdles on our way, infuriate us. Bad relationships at work or at home affect us in ways we cannot fathom. They degrade our peace of mind and try to reduce our worth in our own eyes.

What can we do about it?

We can try to understand. No one is made irritated. A person may become short-tempered due to some circumstances in their life.

The person you think is irritating you may not be doing it on purpose. Maybe they are facing something stressful. Maybe they are disturbed. Try to understand why the person is behaving so. Before you react to them, think about the reason behind their actions. Do not judge them by their behavior towards you at one instance. Who knows, you may find out that they are not as you think of them. Who knows you may even rescue them out of their difficult phase.

Before you treat them in the same rude way, remember, we all get stressed and we act likewise sometimes too. Do not be cruel. You may feel guilty about yourself later. Try to be compassionate at all times, for the sake of your peace of mind

What if they are always annoying?

If you happen to find out that the person you are dealing with is always irritated and it’s not a phase they are in, take that as the war cry. And it’s not the battle you have to fight. This is the cry after which you need to run away from the battleground. You read that right, do not engage in heated discussions with such people.

If you have a point to make, say it. But do not argue. Keep yourself away from negative vibes. Don’t let them know about it, but avoid them.

What to do if you cannot avoid them?

Face them. Try your best to avoid them but if you can’t, gather all your courage. There is negative the energy coming your way and you have to defeat it

How to do that?

Negativity can only be defeated by positivity. Do not show them that you are being affected. Smile at them, as difficult as it may seem. Listen to them, even if you don’t want to understand a word they say. Reply to them politely. Keep smiling always.

When they see you unaffected from the negativity they are giving you, they’ll stop. Your positivity will win. Be consistent. It is very important to understand that our peace of mind is most supreme, more than people who seem to annoy us, it is even more important to remember that it is a person we are dealing with. We cannot change their behavior or their viewpoint. But we can surely control ourselves. More power to you. Hope you remain positive at all times.

My parents don’t listen to me!

Aging – Also called as second childhood, where the parents stop taking care of their health. A lot of time when we ask any young generation about doing a health routine check-up for their parents the only answer we get to hear from them is


Ever wondered why maximum parents don’t want to go to hospitals or do a health check-up even if they know that there is something not right within their body.

There are 1000+ questions on social media and where kids are posting questions like ‘’how to deal with parents who don’t take care of their health.

The answer to this question lies in the first line of my article.

Aging- A second childhood

Your parents gave you time, love, and care when you cried like hell on the first day of your school.

If they have spent their time posting a question like my kids never listens to me ‘’then you wouldn’t be here reading this article.

Your parents never left you when you cried and never wanted that vaccination shot.

The only solution was their time love and care.