Contact Numbers for Bed Availability In Hospitals

Due to the Demand for COVID Patients’ beds are falling short. These Contact Numbers can help you find out the availability of beds for COVID-19 Patients.

Contact Numbers for COVID-19 bed availability in Hospitals, Hyderabad:-

  1. Mr. Maqsood Care Hospitals 9989612661
  2. Mr. Nazeer Olive Hospital 9949393444
  3. Mir Imtiyaz Medicover Hospital +918125785384
  4. Mr. Madhu Virinchi Hospital +919393089907
  5. Mr. Saaduddin New Life Hospital +919059331320, 9989612661.
  6. Mr. Rakesh KIMS Hospitals +917075437090
  7. Mr. Shafi AIG Hospitals +918978653618
  8. Mr. Shujath Yashoda Hospitals +917093257373
  9. Mr. Noman Pratima Hospitals +919963358488
  10. Mr. Srish Star Hospitals +919100958002
  11. Mr. Vicky Sunshine Hospitals +918801561734
  12. Mr. Premkumar Deccan Hospital +919160096665

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