3 Ways to Stay Relaxed


Like every other day, I woke up early in the morning. I sat down and completed my 5-minute breath exercises. I had a hectic schedule for the day. After getting out of bed, one thing follows another, the next time I saw the clock, it was well past noon. I sighed. “I need a break,” I said to myself.

Have you ever felt the same? I am sure you have. Each one of us is in the pursuit of matching the speed of the ticking feet of time. But time seems to be ahead. Always. To acquire this imaginary horizon, we often forget that continuously working may harm us. 

Working without any break may stress you. Small amounts of stress adding up every day may lead to an unhealthy stressful lifestyle. 

The body and the mind need a break. Working continuously exhausts them. It is very important to take small leisurely breaks from work and relax. 

Below are some of my ideas of taking a break which you can try 

1. Eat your favourite food.

Food is an instant mood changer. Chocolate lovers won’t agree more, isn’t it? Drowsiness will run away from you as you pop in a candy. Try it if you need a mini-break and can’t go anywhere. But if you can get out somewhere, go to your favourite nearby food joint and order your favourite food. Eat slowly and savour and treat your taste buds. 

Listen to music. The next fastest mood changer is music. Create a playlist for every mood when you are free. Plugin your earphones and listen to one song or two when you feel like. Play music in your car while going back home. Tune into a music channel while you make or eat dinner instead of listening to worldly issues on the news channel. 

2. Escape into nature.

The winds, the sunsets and the rains have enormous relaxing powers .go to the nearby window and watch the view. Allow the slow winds to ease your nerves. If it’s raining, show your hands and face. Lets droplets cool you down. Watch the sunset if it’s the evening time. Watch it the whole. Try to make your mind blank and enjoy the void.

If you are at home, there are even better ways of relaxing

You could cook something easy and yummy. Make a cool refreshing drink and have it.

 You could take your favourite book off the shelf and read a few pages, or read your favourite poem. 

If it’s a weekend and chores for the day are complete. If You want to relax before you go out in the evening. Here are some ideas 

Watch an old movie. A three-hour nostalgic journey of feelings and some popcorn. Sounds amazing, right?

3. Get artsy

 Are you the type who was too good at painting at some time, but lost habit because of age and duties? You still have the paintbrushes and colours. Why wait then? Grab them and fill the canvas again with colours like you used to. Nothing can refresh you more than your older version. 

Go for it. Try one or all of my ideas and share them with your friends, and tell them to share with their friends, coz we all need a break from time to time, don’t we?



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