A bad day or depression?

Does having a bad day means you are depressed?

Do not worry, most probably you are not.
  1. When should you start worrying about your mental health?
  2. How will you identify if your mental condition is normal or concerning?
  3. Is it okay to have a bad week?
  4. How are bad days differentiated from depression?

What is a bad day?

On some days you wake up with a slight headache. A morning stretching and yoga session doesn’t help much. You know your workload for the day will not end in that day, you don’t feel like doing anything. Nothing excites or amazes you. With a straight face, you complete every activity sluggishly.

Trust me, it is completely fine to have such a day. You will not have the same energy every day. It is perfectly normal to have a lazy day or a bad day. It is alright to have emotional stress or anxiety. Experiencing such days is important for your growth as a person.

What if I have a bad week?

The other day when I said my friend “having a bad day is normal“, she asked “nothing is working out for me for a week. “Seven days of complete hopelessness is bad. Seven more days are worse.

Clinically, one is in depression if they have had two weeks or more of complete hopelessness or mental agony.

What are the other signs of depression?

Depression can show different signs in different people. The main symptom is your thoughts. Clinical depression patients feel hopelessness, anxiety, and stress over trivial issues. In worse cases, suicidal thoughts follow next. The next important sign is a change in the sleep cycle. You may either feel too sleepy or completely insomniac. Another indication is variation in weight. Gain or loss of 5 percent or more weight within a month is considered a symptom of depression. A combination of these signs means you need to consult a doctor.

Why should one consult a doctor?

Most of us think that mental illness doesn’t need a doctor’s consultation. Even if it worries us, we don’t share it with anyone.

A step in the wrong direction at this cross point can lead to a destructive destination. It is important to take the right step. Anyone can have depression. Sometimes, people with a seemingly perfect life, also get trapped in this disorder. A specialist’s guidance can be a map of this maze.

Even if you are not suffering from depression and you know it, but you feel worried, go for a consultation, or talk about it. It will relieve you. When you need help, don’t shy away, ask for it.

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