Urgent Guidelines Regarding Janaza safety from Muslim doctors of Hyderabad

Many people with suspected Corona symptoms and even typical X-ray or CT findings are not getting RT PCR (Corona test) done due to lack of awareness or fear of stigma and also are not following proper isolation guidelines. And when they die, it’s being considered as non-COVID death and the ghusl and tadfeen is being handled as routine with no precautions and funeral gatherings with intermingling. Social distancing is not being followed generally. This way the virus is spreading widely with each funeral giving rise to many more infections and Janazah.

To prevent this, the following guidelines are advised:

1. Every death (COVID or non-COVID) should be handled with full precautions. All those who gather for giving condolences should strictly wear masks and maintain 6 feet distance with no hugging or handshakes.

2. The gatherings should be for a short time, in open spaces, and with a limited number of people.

3. People other than the house members should avoid touching the body.

4. Those who give ghusl and kafan should wear full waterproof PPE with full gloves, N95 masks, and eye protection. The only minimum required amount of water should be used for ghusl of mayyit taking care to avoid splashing. After covering with the kafan, they should dispose off the PPE, etc properly and take a shower with soap.
5. No one should directly touch the mayyit after this.

6. Janaza namaz should be prayed ideally in an open place and maintaining 6 feet distance between each mussalli and good distance between the rows.

7. Avoid crowding while transferring to khabrastan and finish the burial as soon as possible and maintaining social distance, with masks on.

8. All those who participated in burial to take shower after going home and soak the clothes in soap water for 30 minutes before washing them with hand or directly put in the washing machine.

The community leaders, Ulama, and imams and the general public are requested to urge everyone to follow these simple precautions for the safety of all.

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