Top 10 ways to get rid of cold.

A chilly begins once a plague attaches to the liner of your nose or throat.

Here are some symptoms of the cold:

  1. Sneezing
  2. Runny nose
  3. Cough
  4. Sore throat
  5. Low fewer

Now how to protect ourselves from cold?

Top 10 ways to get rid of the cold:-

1.Vitamin C

A study said that vitamin C is a very good solution for cold reducing. It will not kill the cold completely, but it can help you to reduce the cold. Whenever you notice any symptoms of cold, then taking vitamin C would be the best choice.


Zinc is also a way to cure a cold. Zinc helps to reduce the life of the cold and help you to get rid of a cold quickly.


Using garlic will help you to fight with cold and, it reduces the risk of catching a cold. Garlic contains allicin in it, which works as a medicine and heals the cold. So whenever you get a cold, you can use the garlic as a medicine.

4.Drink hot water

Whenever cold caught you, try to be hydrated by drinking plenty of warm water, which is very helpful to reduce the cold and to maintain your body temperature properly. Drinking warm water while cold is one of the best methods and used by many people and get benefited. Warm water may also help you to lose your weight and give you a pimple-free face.

5.use warm salt water to clean your nose

Using warm salt water to clean your nose while cold will help you to avoid the runny nose and give you better sleep at night. It is an effective way to get relief from cold. Use warm salt water whenever cold caught you, and stay healthy.

6.Breath in steam

Breathing in steam is a natural method to reduce cold. What you have to do is, just boil some amount of water till some steam comes, and then keep your head near the hot water and take a breath in the steam. Make sure that the steams should enter into your nose.
Note: Don’t take too much hot water that burns your nose’s hair.

7. Don’t go outside

Going outside when you have a cold could be bad for your health, it can increase the life of cold as you go outside more viruses came and may be caused by cold.

8. Take a good rest

Stay at home until your cold reduces. Take rest and better sleep. And try to stay away from cold drinks etc.

9. Use clean utensils.

Always wash your utensils before using them. And wash your hand before having a meal. Always be cleaned and maintain a hygienic lifestyle.

10. Consult with Doctor

If you are not feeling better or your cold is not healing, you must have to meet the doctor and consult about your cold. Then follow his instructions carefully.

The above were the 10 tips or ways that help you to get rid of a cold quickly.
Stay healthy and stay fit.

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