How to be productive during the lockdown


Tips to be Productive during a lockdown:

1. Maintain your schedule as you would do on any working day:

If you are working from home or waiting for the lockdown to end, change into formal clothes

2. Skip a meal:

Keep an eye on snacks Control intake of tea/sugar.

3. Read books:

If you do not have books to read, you can simply download it from kindle. 

4. Stop listening to WhatsApp forwards:

Listen to experts on Podcasts/Youtube. Enroll in online courses., Udemy, Coursera, etc that offer free online courses

5. Learn a new language:

Prepare yourself for global opportunities by learning a new language. 

6. Try a home workout

Can’t go to the gym or outdoors. Use your body weight to exercise. Try multiple sessions of exercise during the day

7. If you have school going kids, run a homeschool for them

8.  Meditate:

Start meditating to release stress from work.

9. Learn to cook:

Learn to cook under the guidance of experts at home.

10. Grow Plants:

Grow a plant and watch it grow.





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