My parents don’t listen to me!

Aging – Also called as second childhood, where the parents stop taking care of their health. A lot of time when we ask any young generation about doing a health routine check-up for their parents the only answer we get to hear from them is


Ever wondered why maximum parents don’t want to go to hospitals or do a health check-up even if they know that there is something not right within their body.

There are 1000+ questions on social media and where kids are posting questions like ‘’how to deal with parents who don’t take care of their health.

The answer to this question lies in the first line of my article.

Aging- A second childhood

Your parents gave you time, love, and care when you cried like hell on the first day of your school.

If they have spent their time posting a question like my kids never listens to me ‘’then you wouldn’t be here reading this article.

Your parents never left you when you cried and never wanted that vaccination shot.

The only solution was their time love and care.

What Is Stress?

The student comes home with a bag full of home assignments. The college-goer returns with a heavy heart. The businessman has ‘worry lines’ on his forehead. The housewife rushes throughout the day to prepare meals at the right time. In the hurried life of today, where time always seems to be walking two steps ahead of us, we are subjected to too many stresses.

What is stress?

It is a response. When our body is questioned physically or emotionally we answer through stress. Stress is good. It is a wave of energy. Stress is known to increase a person’s performance. During exam time tension to perform well keeps us motivated. A relationship becomes stronger when we make an extra effort. In all walks of life, a little worry does not
harm instead encourages us to do better But then what is this life full of care if, we have no time to stop and stare, as W.H Davies the famous poet has said. Lately, stress has become a bane more than a boon for us. It has opened ways to various problems.

Our body has three glands,

the pituitary in the brain and the adrenals that sit over the kidney, that monitor stress by releasing hormones. Hormones trigger different emotions for different amounts of stress. We feel challenged at first, anxious, and then fearful and insecure. When stress is increased our body starts ‘feeling’ sick without actually being sick. When stress is not controlled within these levels, our arteries start thickening and hardening and heart and kidneys get severely damaged. Diseases follow next.

However, there is a remarkable way of defeating stress. The cure lies within ourselves. In the words of the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius “Nowhere, either with more quiet or more freedom from trouble, does a man retire than into one’s soul. The cure to tension is relaxation. Whatever relaxes us, cures us of stress. Reading a
book, singing, dancing, a stroll in the park, a long ride, a movie, a game, a hobby, talking to your better half at the end of the day, or simply watching the sunset, our retreat can be in any form. All we should keep in mind is, whether we are disturbed or tranquil, depends on our response and not on any external stimuli. By making our thoughts cheerful and pleasant we can overcome any stress.

Sitting is the new Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. A cigarette is made from 4000 chemicals out of which 43 are carcinogenic i.e. cancer-causing. There are around 120 million smokers in India. 4 lakh deaths are due to smoking. This tobacco epidemic seems to have got a new competitor, the sedentary epidemic.

People with a sedentary lifestyle and smokers are now on the same boat. They both have the risk of dying ten years earlier than any other normal adult.

Some of us have jobs that require 6-10 hours of sitting in front of a desktop. Some of us can’t stop watching an engaging web series. We think merely sitting for so long won’t harm us. But we are doing a mistake in thinking so. Sitting for long durations, without any other physical activity can cause great harm to our body and mind. The dangers are the same as the dangers caused by smoking. Sitting has become the new smoking.

The most severe effect sitting for prolonged hours has in the body is on the heart and its circulatory system. Our blood vessels and their master – the heart is made in such a way that they require the body to be upright for working properly. When we sit, our blood flow slows down. The fatty acids in the blood burn slowly. As a result, they start accumulating in the blood vessels. This paves the way for coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular disorders. There is an increased risk of a heart attack or even heart failure. Obesity is the second most obvious consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. Clinically, obesity results from taking more calories than required. Our body burns very little calories when we are sitting. It doesn’t require as many calories as we eat for our breakfast or lunch. These excess calories take the
shape of fat layers and get stored, unnecessarily in the body. These excess calories are a storehouse of diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, and high blood pressure. People with obesity are more likely to possess metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms and risk factors leading to multiple diseases together which include diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, low levels of good cholesterol, and high levels of bad cholesterol.

Not just our body and heart, sitting without interruption for long at our work desk has ill effects on our brain. It affects memory power. our brain’s ability to remember and its daily functioning is impaired. Gradually it leads to a condition called dementia. Dementia is a group of symptoms that affect at least two more brain functions. Although it is not a disease, it turns chronic over several years and can cause serious mental and social implications.

The hip and leg muscles are also affected. Sitting in the wrong posture, makes the gluteal muscles lengthen. Hip flexors become tight. As these muscles work unusually, the other muscles in the body have to work differently to compensate. This gives rise to frequent body aches and poor body alignment. Lastly, it is surprising yet true, according to recent research, that sitting for long can cause cancer. The answer to how it is possible is still not known.

Meanwhile, researchers have also found out that the cure to conditions arising from sitting more, is sitting less. If your work demands you to sit for many hours, you need to get up, walk for around 5 minutes, and then resume work. Small breaks in every 45 minutes is a very big step towards preventing harm to the body. By far, it is found to be the best method to tackle the complications of sedentary living. Physical activity is very important. An adult should exercise at least one hour every day. While making a choice out of many ways of spending our time, we ought to ensure that we chose a way that restores our lost energy
and cheers us up. A hobby or game can give us much needed physical and mental relaxation. Yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety. We should involve ourselves in something that keeps us alert, active, and youthful. Only then we will be able to live our life contently and without any fear of diseases.


Welcome to Healthy Hyderabad

Remember back at school, “healthy” meant being physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit. We played football, hung out with friends, and had morning assemblies. Then life played with us, bound us with duties and responsibilities, and assembled us in front of desktops and piles of papers. Before we could know, we were leading ourselves into the web of unhealthy lifestyle practices. Web – Ours is the generation of webs. Ours is the generation of Netflix and Instagram, burger and fried chicken, unemployment, and overtime work.

One-fourth of Hyderabad’s population is in the adolescent age and more than one-fourth is in the working sector. We have a very young population. We have a literacy rate of 90%. But it is concerning how such young educated minds of the country lead an unhealthy lifestyle. We skip meals, don’t eat at the right time, and do not eat the right food. As a result, 21% of us are diabetic. Many face renal failure and other renal complications. To add fuel to the fire are improper sleep habits and mental trauma. Given our society that treats every mental illness as “madness”, we seldom talk about the mental problems we face on a daily basis. A fatigued body, an angry friend, a ranting boss, a tiny income, a gigantic hospital bill – how is anyone going to deal with it?

The question is – is a healthy lifestyle achievable? YES

Is today’s generation going to sit back – diseased and depressed? NO

It is actually quite simple to live a happy and healthy life. You have already turned into the direction by thinking about it. It’s time now to act.

The first thing to understand is there is no instant solution to this. To begin with, it is important to bring a radical change in your lifestyle. Physical activity, eating the right food, keeping emotions in check, enough amount of rest, maintaining a healthy schedule, etc. are all critical to your health. Love your body, however, it is and then works to improve it. Sleep at the right time. Leave your smartphone, go foolish for an hour every day. Spend time with yourself like you would with any loved one. Love yourself.  Make a relationship with yourself. Talk to yourself, don’t miss this amazing conversation with the most amazing person in the world – YOU.

If you are still wondering how do you do all this- here’s the ultimate solution. Healthy Hyderabad. We at Healthy Hyderabad make sure you take your first step into the journey of a healthy lifestyle and don’t go off track. So, join us on board right away!